Touring shows for your Preschool, Elementary School, Library, Church, Corporate Event, and Convention.

To book a show please contact us using our contact page. Prices vary per show and number of performances. 

Imagination Falls presents Silly Goose!

Mother Goose is scheduled to come visit the fantastic town of ImagiNation Falls, but where is she?! Now it’s up to Abe the yeti and Griff the griffin to entertain the children. They decide to put on a puppet show, but can’t seem to get the stories right. Come see your favorite stories as you have never seen them before! Puppets playing with puppets! What could possibly go wrong?!

After the show stick around to see behind the scenes and to try out some puppetry yourself!

Peter & The Wolf

This classic tale of a young boys courage against a  mean and powerful wolf, set to the score by Sergei Prokofiev. This classic tale has been performed with orchestras across the world, and now can come to life in front of you. Whether performed with your orchestra and narrator or with our pre-recored tape, PuppHitz brings this lovely story told in music to life for you. 

The WonderFool

A king, a princess, and a fool. Who's who in this shadow play from an original story by Scott Hitz. 


The Holiday Bear

coming soon!

When a Bear finds a tree hollow to settle down in for a long winters nap, little does he know he wondered into the home of a family of Nisse (also known as Gnomes). Unable to rouse their new friend from his winters sleep they decide to share the joy of season with him instead.